Past Projects



Photography and audio workshops empower Waverly residents to explore neighborhood issues they care about, uncovering insights on community attitudes towards addiction, treatment, and recovery of value to anyone who cares about the topic.

2009 – 2010

Remington Youth/Community Radio
Art on Purpose, in partnership with Greater Remington Improvement Association(GRIA), continues our successful youth development and community-building initiative calledRemington Youth / Community Radio (RYCR).

Art Leadership: Dream World
The 2009-2010 Art Leadership Programoffers students from three schools (Afya,Civitas, and Baltimore Freedom Academy) opportunities to express themselves, develop skills, participate in a museum exhibition and event, and (for high schoolers) mentor middle school students, positioning them to be candidates for summer jobs in the arts.

Heroes in our Midst
Art on Purpose, in partnership with theWalters Art Museum, presents Heroes in Our Midst, a series of exhibitions and events that explore, uncover and celebrate the lives of contemporary Baltimore heroes. Presented in conjunction with Heroes: Mortals and Myths of Ancient Greece.

Baltimore Inspired by Poe
In partnership with The Baltimore Museum of Art, Art on Purpose presents an exhibition of community art inspired by signature themes in Poe’s writing. Work by Baltimore City residents is presented in conjunction with Edgar Allan Poe: A Baltimore Icon, the BMA’s artistic tribute to Poe.


Everyone an Artist?
To be human is to be creative, to be creative is to be an artist — so everyone an artist? This question runs through a project involving multiple college communities and the wide-ranging artworks of Denise Tassin.

Speaking of Silence
An ongoing program using art and artists to give voice and visibility to a variety of issues, organizations, and individuals that otherwise would remain under-seen and unheard.


Speaking of Silence
An ongoing program using art and artists to give voice and visibility to a variety of issues, organizations, and individuals that otherwise would remain under-seen and unheard.

Maps on Purpose
Community-made maps inspired by Maps: Finding Our Place in the World, an exhibition coming to the Walters Art Museum in spring 2008. Maps on Purpose is part of the Baltimore Maps Festival.


Art Leadership: Beauty
Exhibitions with works by Sri Lankan survivors of the 2004 Tsunami alongside art by Baltimore City youth and adult seniors exploring the nature of Beauty.

Real City, Dream City
A neighborhood-based project using photography, postcards, and a series of exhibitions and events aimed at celebrating and supporting participating communities.

Speaking of Silence
The first exhibition in a series of explorations on silence continued in the 2007-2008 season.


Art Leadership: Second Chances
An art installation at The Creative Alliance at the Patterson designed by Artist/Director Peter Bruun featuring paintings by students from Baltimore Freedom Academy and Crossroads School. An exploration of the value of having second chances in life.

Anonymous Requiem II
An exhibition at The Creative Alliance at the Patterson accompanied by three successive evenings of performative memorial events with youth, adult seniors, and musicians brought together by percussionist and UMBC professor Tom Goldstein.

What Objects Want
A Park School exhibition exploring our relationship to consumer objects. Works by artists Kate Bingaman, Zoe Charlton, Peggy Diggs, Claudia McDonough, Tim Nowakowski Nancy Patz,  Park students, and youth taking part in Youthlight, a Baltimore City afterschool media literacy and photography program.

An exhibition at The Park School that looks at the relationship between math and art, with works from seven artists, seven Park classes, and a display by the Algebra Project.

We Age
An exploration of the upsides and downsides of aging, with works by Baltimore County adult seniors, Park School faculty, and an installation piece by artist Allyn Massey.