Art Leadership: The Right Thing

This program, now in its sixth year, will engage an Art Leadership Team of 10-12 Baltimore Freedom Academy high school students and others in an artistic and intellectual exploration of “The Right Thing.”

Art Leadership is funded by a grant from Target and other foundations, individual gifts, and support from the Baltimore Freedom Academy Foundation.



Baltimore Freedom Academy (BFA) high school students create art about personal struggles with doing the right thing, facilitate art-making in workshops with middle school students from BFA, Afya Public Charter School, and elsewhere, and collect audio recordings from interviews with adults about the theme. All comes together in a May 2011 installation of images and audio in combination with paintings by Resident Artist Peter Bruun.



Make and share art to illuminate a way of living with integrity, which stands in stark contrast to society’s overwhelming tendency to choose convenience and comfort over doing the right thing.


Contact: Peter Bruun