Black Male Identity Press Conference

Black Male Identity Press Conference- 3/24!

Speakers Include: Elijah E. Cummings, U.S. Congressman, Maryland’s 7th District; Joseph T. Jones, Jr., Founder, President and CEO, Center for Urban Families; Dr. Leslie King-Hammond, Founding Director, Center for Race & Culture, MICA; Diane Bell McKoy, Executive Director, Associated Black Charities; Diane Morris, Executive Director, Open Society Institute-Baltimore; Rev. Willie Ray, CEO and Founder, Save Another Youth/Stop the Killing Coalition; Rashid Shabazz, Program Officer, Campaign for Black Male Achievement, OSF; LaMarr Darnell Shields, President & Co-Founder, Urban League Institute; and more!

Arch Social Club: 2426 Pennsylvania Ave. Baltimore, MD 21217

Parking available within a two block radius of the Arch Social Club, with street-level welcoming courtesy of Coppin Male and Freshman Male initiative. Music provided by Mark & Tova Baker.

Download Black Male Identity Release


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